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How LED Lighting Ensures Our Safety And Security Part 2

- Dedicated CCTV lighting

Dedicated CCTV lighting is largely designed around lighting , camera alignment and set-up; this is crucial to achieve the best CCTV images at night and the highest level of security.

Cameras, like our eyes rely on light reflected from objects in the scene to produce an image. The quality of images captured by CCTV cameras does not solely depend on the components of the camera and lens.

It is important that lighting for CCTV is positioned adjacent to the camera with the light output angle matched to the camera’s field of view. Camera alignment and set-up is crucial for achieving excellent CCTV images at night and optimum security.

Since LED lighting produces a highly targeted beam pattern that can be easily manipulated to match a camera’s field of view, it can meet the needs of any camera; unlike traditional flood luminaries that emit light in a 360 degree sphere, and spill light at all angles including where it is not needed.

By not spilling light out of the required area, security systems also become more eco-friendly.As such, LED technology is more capable of capturing images that are rich in detail, which would stand up to the strictest degrees of scrutiny.


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