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How LED Lighting Ensures Our Safety And Security Part 1

Light affects everything, not the least of which is our safety and security. Marcus Felson, a professor at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University, has concluded that lighting is effective in preventing crime mainly if it enables people to notice criminal activity as it’s taking place.

Nowadays more and more persons are relying on use CCTV cameras to protect their homes and belongings. This indeed has proven to be a more than adequate deterrent, however most crime occurs at night and it is the night time performance of your camera which should most interest you.

This is when good lighting really counts and can make the difference.

Light is indispensable to security cameras and good lighting determines whether the captured images will stand up to intense scrutiny and deliver the required results.Without light, there is no image.

But not all light is the same, and it is the quantity, quality and distribution of light that governs image quality. LEDs are now established as the technology of choice in many industries as a result of their inherent energy efficiency, reliability and high performance. This, together with their unmatched levels of control and flexibility makes LEDs ideal in meeting the demanding requirements of professional CCTV installations globally, and they have quickly become the preferred lighting solution in the security industry.


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